Magnificent Mongolia Photo Trip

We offer fantastic opportunities for photography and experiences through exciting
encounters with nomadic lifestyle, animals and nature.

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Make your travels easy, fun and stress-free with our tailor-made tours. Tell us what you would like to do and where you would like to go and we will prepare an itinerary and a quote for you that exactly matches your preferences.


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Why travel with us

Here are reasons you should plan with Discover Mongolia.


We give the personalized service from the first day you contact us!


We are run by 100% Mongolians and we are passionate about travel & what we do!

Tailor made and customized tours 

We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel because these days many people prefer to travel independently and create their own unique itinerary.

Reasonable Price

We offer the best services at the most reasonable prices to both favor our customers.

Responsible Travel

We are pioneers in developing responsible tourism in Mongolia, and are dedicated to a healthy Mongolian environment and the traditional culture!

Innovative Adventures

We’re always looking to provide new and unique experiences to get you off the well- trodden tourist trails.