Nomadic Mongolian who consumes dairy products regularly hardly suffers from calcium deficiency

Foreign people think Mongolian food is highly dependent on meat. It's not wrong, but it's not right. Through their thousands of years' experience, Mongolians have developed and obtained rich and detailed knowledge on milk processing. Milk is for Mongolians the resource of life and the symbol of holy and sacred. Therefore milk is counted and compared like the purest high, heavenly thing. Milk ingredients consists of over 100 nutritious substances especially reach in protein, calcium, carbon hydrogen, minerals and other vitamins.

Mongolian people have reach tradition and experience in making of milky products. Besides of yogurt there are many kinds of milky products called WHITE MEAL.

Dried curd (Aaruul): Bitter tasting diary curd mixed with milk and boiled. After filtering and being squeezed, formed or cut and dried on the plate. Eating or gnowing of dried curd is healthy for tooth.

Cheese (Byaslag): Boiled or unboiled cow, sheep or goat milk shall be spoiled and filtered by cotton bag. In 3 hours well dried and pressed curdle becomes a cheese.

Clotted cream (Urum): Sheep, goat, cow milk or especially fatty milk of yak, while boiled shall be well stirred up and put on stable heated stove overnight becomes an Urum.

Home distilled spirits (Shimiin arkhi): This kind of vodka is gained from milk products like mere milk when distilled.

There are just a few examples from a reach experience of Mongols in making milky products.

Mongols are people that have a most reach experience in the world in making of milky products. According a scientific study a milky products have many advantages for health of human being. That means Mongols are familiar with usage of healthy and nutritious meal than simple food.